The entire Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Specialists South Carolina team is excited to resume both emergency and elective treatments again and fulfill your oral health needs. We are scheduling appointments now.

Our Doors Are Open
For Our Community

We are now scheduling appointments. If you need oral surgery care, our team is here for you.

Committed to
Keeping You Safe

We are taking additional measures to ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff while our office remains open.

Our Commitment to Health & Safety

As always, our practice takes every precaution to keep patients and staff safe and healthy. While we have always adhered to and exceeded the standards for decontamination set by OSHA, we are going one step further and incorporating the latest CDC guidelines.

The Measures We Are Taking To Protect Our Patients

We ask you to keep the following in mind prior to and during your appointment:

  • Patients are instructed to fill out paperwork online prior to the appointment and call/text when they arrive. A staff member will take them directly to the consult/surgery room. Escorts are encouraged to stay in their cars.
  • Our staff will keep as much distance from patients as possible unless we are masked and examining them.
  • We are asking patients questions regarding symptoms and exposure and do ask some to take temperatures at home. As testing becomes more readily available, we would like to incorporate this into our patient intake process.
  • We have hand sanitizer stations throughout the practice as well as multiple patient bathrooms/sinks. We plan to add a sanitizer and mask station to the waiting area for patients to use.
How We Are Protecting the Safety of Our Staff & Doctors

We are taking additional steps toward ensuring the safety of our staff.

  • As always, we are using universal precautions with PPE and hospital-grade cleaners. We are utilizing anti-viral/bacterial cleaners on all surfaces that can be contacted by patients, as well as single-use coverings for most commonly touched areas of the surgical rooms. QAd
  • We are using surgical masks, caps, surgical gowns, and glasses. N-95 masks are available for procedures that create a significant amount of aerosols. Our practice buys US-made supplies whenever possible.
  • Our staff performs self-temperature monitoring and are to report any symptoms beyond normal, even if they are mild. As antibody tests become available, we plan to use them to determine if we have come in contact with COVID and therefore decrease or eliminate the risk of the staff transmitting any illness to patients.
  • We are scheduling patients linearly without time overlaps to minimize the number of people the patient will come in contact with.
  • We have removed all commonly touched items (TV remote, magazines, etc.) from the waiting room. Patients and escorts spend little to no time in the waiting room.
  • When discharging patients, we escort the patient to their vehicle and go over recovery instructions there.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO PATIENTS: If you or someone in your household have a fever, cough, or flu-like symptoms, please stay at home and don’t come to the practice. Your doctor may request an online video consultation if you are displaying symptoms.

At Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Specialists South Carolina we appreciate the ongoing support from our patients, referring providers, families, and friends. Thank you for your patience and cooperation while these measures are put into effect.

For questions or clarification about these measures, please contact us at (843) 849-5188.

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