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Giving Teachers and Students
the supplies they need

The team at Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Specialists South Carolina is excited to announce the first recipient of their Supplies For Teachers program. Mary, a teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing program at Charleston County School of the Arts.

Mary was nominated by a fellow teacher to receive extra help with supplies because of the outstanding effort and endless dedication she brings to her job every day. She goes above and beyond helping students in the classroom; she has provided homeless students with many resources, given clothing and food to students in need, and acted not only as a teacher, but as a mother, nurse, therapist, advocate, champion, and more to so many children.

We are so happy to help Mary and her students get the supplies they need including binders, markers, scissors, books, pencils, pens, hand soap, and cleaning supplies. We hope this contribution will help her and her students continue to succeed and thrive this year and beyond.

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