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Meet Dr. Blalock

Video Review

Dr. Blalock has the utmost confidence in Dr. Barefoot’s abilities with her patients.

Dr. Blalock's Story

"I have been working with Dr. Barefoot for several years, and I refer my patients here because I know that they’ll be treated the same way I like to treat my patients. Dr. Barefoot is a very efficient surgeon. I have the utmost confidence in his abilities, knowing that my patients are going to get the best care, the best treatment, and best outcome in their cases when they see him. I think the collaboration between the offices is very important because patients want to know that I know what’s going on with their care. Our relationship with the two offices is close. We know what’s happening with our patients at all times. They’re great to communicate with us and our patients. I will continue to recommend patients to Dr. Barefoot because I know that they’ll get the care they deserve, and they’ll be happy when they return to my office."

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