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Meet Dr. Castele

Video Review

Dr. Castele, an anesthesiologist, works closely with Dr. Barefoot during surgical procedures.

Dr. Castele's Story

"I think it’s important for anytime someone is having a surgery for the surgeon and the anesthesiologist to get together. I need to know what is important for him and what he needs from the surgical aspect of the case and, you know, he needs to know where I’m coming from from the anesthesia aspect of the case. So between the two of us, it’s good that we’re able to talk with each other and come up with a game plan that not only suits him but suits my needs as well. I think it’s good that we’re able to do all these things together, ahead of time, for it to be as, you know, seamless as possible for the patient. I would definitely recommend Dr. Barefoot for any of my friends or family members, or myself as well if I ever needed an oral surgery procedure."

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